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Choose when and where your devices are detectable. The Faraday Bag protects:

Car Theft
Cell 5G


Blocks all incoming and outgoing Bluetooth signals, as well as Cell, GPS, and WiFi. Proactive defense against hacking and cyber attacks.


A Faraday bag acts as a portable cybersecurity shield, protecting your devices from EMP attacks that could erase your digital identity in seconds.


By blocking EMF radiation, a Faraday bag is reducing the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields.

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Survival Accessories

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Faraday bags are used to protect key fobs and prevent relay attacks on vehicles, ensuring that car thieves cannot amplify the signal from the key fob to gain unauthorized access to the vehicle.

Travel Safety

For travelers, a Faraday bag safeguards passports and credit cards embedded with RFID chips from unauthorized scanning and identity theft.


Data Security

Essential Digital Armor: For those dealing with confidential information, a Faraday bag acts as critical digital armor, safeguarding devices from wireless intrusions and unauthorized access, ensuring data remains private and secure.

Forensic Analysis

Law enforcement and forensic teams use Faraday bags to preserve the integrity of electronic evidence, preventing remote wiping or alteration of data on seized devices.

Scientifically Proven

Extensive research reveals how EMFs impact health. The mechanisms include oxidative stress, cellular damage, and impacts on the nervous system. Numerous studies show associations between EMF exposure and various health issues, including cancer.

Oxidative Stress

Research indicates that EMFs may lead to oxidative stress, causing cellular damage. This imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants disrupts normal cell function, potentially resulting in various health issues.EMFs may also impact reproductive health.

Neurological Disorders

Studies link EMF exposure to various neurological disorders. This connection is attributed to EMFs’ potential to alter neuronal function, leading to symptoms and conditions affecting the brain and nervous system. Understanding this link is crucial for mitigating EMF risks.

Cancer Correlation

Investigations reveal potential correlations between EMF exposure and increased cancer risk. This research primarily examines how long-term exposure to EMFs might initiate or promote the development of cancer, particularly in tissues exposed to higher EMF levels.

Cellular Health

link EMF exposure to various neurological disorders. This connection is attributed to EMFs’ potential to alter neuronal function, leading to symptoms and conditions affecting the brain and nervous system. Understanding this link is crucial for mitigating EMF risks.

In summary, the importance of having a Faraday bag lies in its ability to provide a shield against electronic intrusion, ensuring the security and privacy of valuable information and devices in an increasingly interconnected world.


Protect your phone against possible security breaches with a faraday bag. It Includes sleek designs with stitch-less, thermo-welded seams and a new magnetic, single-fold velcro closure mechanism.

Each Mobile Faraday Bag is lined with multiple layers of Faraday material to shield devices. The innermost layer is constructed of a diamond ripstop Faraday fabric to prevent abrasion from devices.


Questions and Answers

1. What is a Faraday bag?

EscapeZone Faraday bag is a specialized enclosure designed to block electromagnetic fields. It is made from materials that create a shield, preventing signals from entering or leaving the bag. These bags are constructed using layers of conductive materials such as metalized fabric, which effectively create a barrier against electromagnetic interference.

EscapeZone Faraday bags are commonly used to protect electronic devices from hacking, tracking, and data theft. By placing your device inside EscapeZone Faraday bag, you can ensure that it is isolated from external signals, making it an essential tool for privacy and security. Whether you are safeguarding your smartphone, laptop, or car keys, EscapeZone Faraday bag provides a reliable solution to keep your sensitive information secure.

2. Do Faraday bags really work?

Yes, Faraday bags are effective at blocking a wide range of signals, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular signals. They are used by security professionals to protect sensitive information, militaries around the globe and privacy respecting individuals.

3. How do Faraday bags work?

Faraday bags work by creating a conductive enclosure that distributes electromagnetic signals around the exterior of the bag, preventing them from penetrating the interior. Your Faraday Bag must be folded over to avoid any leaks.

4. What signals do Faraday bags block?

Faraday bags block a variety of signals, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, and NFC. This makes them useful for protecting electronic devices from hacking and tracking.

5. How can I test if my Faraday bag works?

To test a Faraday bag, place a device inside the bag and try to call or send a message to it. If the device does not receive the call or message, the bag is working correctly.

6. Why should I use a Faraday backpack?

Our Dual Protection Faraday backpack offers the same signal-blocking capabilities as a Faraday bag since it has multiple pouches inside it, with the added convenience of being able to carry larger items like laptops and tablets securely. On top of that it can be upgraded with Bullet Proof Plates.

7. How can a Faraday bag help me avoid being tracked?

By blocking GPS and cellular signals, a Faraday bag prevents your device from transmitting location data, making it impossible for tracking devices to pinpoint your location.

8. Are Faraday bags legal to use?

Yes, Faraday bags are legal to use. They are commonly used by law enforcement, military personnel, and individuals concerned about privacy and security.

9. Can Faraday bags protect against EMPs?

Faraday bags can offer protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) by shielding electronic devices from the damaging effects of high-intensity electromagnetic fields.

10. Can I use a Faraday bag for my car keys?

Yes, using a Faraday bag for car keys can prevent relay attacks, where thieves use signal amplifiers to unlock and start your car remotely.

11. How durable are Faraday bags?

Faraday bags are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made with reinforced materials to withstand daily use and protect your devices effectively.

12. Can Faraday bags be used for credit cards and passports?

Yes, Faraday bags can protect credit cards and passports from RFID skimming, which is a method used by thieves to steal personal information wirelessly in just few seconds standing close to you.

13. Are there different sizes of Faraday bags available?

Yes, Faraday bags come in various sizes to accommodate different devices, from small pouches for phones and car keys to larger bags for laptops and tablets. The Dual protection backpack has them all + optional upgrade Bullet Proof Plates for your security.